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Winter camping with the whole family

Family Camping in an Esker Classic

As a family who lives in Northern Alberta, we have to get creative when it comes to winter activities. For us, purchasing an Esker Tent was a no brainer. Not only would we use this tent for hunting, but we knew the whole family would be able to enjoy this, even out on the farm. 

Family winter camping

We went with the Esker Classic and are happy to announce that it fit a family of four, along with two dogs very comfortably. The set-up is also easy enough with one adult, but kids love little jobs... so we put them to work! We involve the kids by having them help find the right tree poles, shovel snow, and pack firewood.

Camping with pets

Not only do you stay nice and toasty in the tent, cooking on the Esker stove is a DREAM. You can boil water, cook eggs & bacon, and use it just as well as the stove top in your home. 

For activities, we play cards, Ellie draws, and Jack… plays trucks all over the tent. Our nighttime experiences are always just as fun, much like summer camping; late nights, giggly children, and spooky bedtime stories. 

Camping activities with kids

If you’re second guessing yourself when thinking about buying an outfitters tent... STOP. The Esker is a high-quality tent the whole family will be able to enjoy, comfortably. Embrace all of our Canadian seasons! 

_Lindsey Hill - Edson, Alberta